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This is a collection of self help resources for Small Garage SG1, browse the content and we hope you find it of use.
But remember we do provide professional dedicated telephone / remote support if you should need it.

Support Desk Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Tel: 01761 432123

Frequently Asked Questions

Data (Backup/Restore/Transfer)

Small Garage SG1 has an automated backup utility built in, when you exit the program you will be ask if you wish to perform a backup. Not only is a backup created but internet connection permitting a copy is uploaded to your account on our secure online backup server.

However, if you wish to perform manual backup then:

  • Click the 'backup manager' button from the main menu.
  • Click 'Perform backup' button.

Your backup files are stored and generated at the following location 'c:\SG2023\backups'.

It is strongly advised that you should include this folder in your own daily backup regime.

This is a fairly simple task but your license will need to be updated.
If you contact support on 01761 432123 they will provide everything you need.

If your PC has failed or your experiencing problems where you think you may need to perform a system recovery then we strongly advise you to contact us first before taking any action.

We find it is far easier to get you up and running when we deal with issues as they occur rather than trying to recover a system when there has already been a failed attempt by a 3rd party.

Purchasing Small Garage SG1

First of all many thanks for registering you should have recieved a confirmation email (please check your spam folder).

We will contact you usually within a couple of hours to process your order and generate your registration details.

If you wish to expidite the process then Tel: 01761 432123 and one of our staff will assist you.

Note: We do recommend that you either have tried the trial version of Small Garage SG1 or have had a demo of Small Garage SG1 before you purchase.

Small Garage SG1 plans are charged on a annual rolling contract basis with automatic payment renewal using your prefered payment method. Our payment processor for processing renewals is Squareup Europe Ltd. Renewals are processed every year from initial purchase date through until service is canceled.

You can cancel your plan at any time but we do require 30 days notice before the plan's renewal date.

To cancel just call 01761 432123 and we will process the cancellation request for you.

If your moving to a different system you may wish for your data to be converted to csv files this is when we would organise this for you.

Registration Details

Yes please contact support who can arrange this for you.

Please contact support who will resend your welcome email which includes your registration details.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 11
Screen Resolution 1366x768 - 1920x1080 1366x768 - 1920x1080 1366x768 - 1920x1080 1366x768 - 1920x1080
Processor (CPU) 2.5GHz or Faster Multi Core 2.5GHz or Faster Multi Core 2.5GHz or Faster Multi Core 2.5GHz or faster Multi Core
Memory (RAM) 4GB Min 4GB Min 8GB Recommended 8GB Recommended
Architecture 32/64 bit 32/64 bit 64 bit 64 bit
Disk requirements 250mb-500mb 250mb-500mb 250mb-500mb 250mb-500mb
Only the operating systems listed above are currently supported.

All articles are correct at the time of posting, articles can be amended, moved or deleted without notice.

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